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Reply To: Before establishing centers in Pakistan

Anwar Kazi


Actually my approach is a bit different, rather than comparing Pakistan with India and others (we are not in the league quite frankly) I talk about Pakistan’s strengths (and play down the weaknesses). It is an elaborate strategy to say the least.

We create a funnel approach whereby we take in everything the prospect has reservations about (and more) and put it on the table with answers to each of his concern. But the theme is not comparison rather awareness about Pakistan.

We then hit the underbelly of the prospect, i.e., for example Pakistan being the cheapest in the region according to Bearing Point etc etc. And the capability is there etc. As I said it is quite elaborate.

Research is not optional, before we approach a prospect, we break the entry points down and then address them individually. But sitting in Pakistan it is difficult to do all of this hence although we are finding success but it is as I said before, “a uphill battle”