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Reply To: Before establishing centers in Pakistan

Anwar Kazi


Things are as they say, ‘Chugging Along’. With the image of the country changing fast, HR development happening at break-neck speed, and second bandwidth pipe already in testing, things are looking up for Pakistan.

The only problem:

– No good marketing plan in general (not talking about the few that MIGHT exist)

I have spoken to many people in the industry, from big groups, even people who come from India or US here are not the top people, rather struggling themselves.

Our investors are still in the ‘product based’ mindset whereby they believe that making a investment in real estate and putting some computers plus hiring the savvy CEO will get them millions…….could not be more wrong.

I have tried many times to create alliances with local companies here but they just view us as competition only! So sad! But I will keep trying.

I guess the only barrier to entry to the call center industry now is going to be: Marketing Power!

Advise to all, please do not engage with so called, ‘Know it alls’ who come from abroad, do some Due Diligence on them before giving them any credence. We have gone thru this ourselves early on and have learned our lesson.

Good luck to all!


p.s. Harris where are you these days?