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Reply To: Before establishing centers in Pakistan

Harris Iqbal

Call Center Specialists. Boy do we have a lot of them now. When I was in India a few months back, I remember being in a facility that housed over 4000 CSRs. Even there, I did not hear anyone claim to be “Call Center Specialists”.

Baring that, I am writing to say hello to Fahad. If you remember correctly, we met at a seminar arranged by PSEB in their conference room. You where coming to Islamabad a short while after that, and emailed me. I replied back but your emailed bounced :). Not good Fahad. You won’t break even if emails starting bouncing my friend.

Do let me know if you plan to come to Isloo again. And bring Anwar along from KHI as well if you could. I am sure we will have one hell of a debate :).

Take care.

– Harris