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Reply To: Posting from England


Yes, regional accents in India are a problem, especially people from South India. Even we have trouble understanding some of them. But the issue is not of criticising accents – it’s about getting the job done efficiently. The clients are in the UK or the US, and it’s our job to understand what they’re saying.

I called my bank the other day and was routed to a guy at the HSBC global call centre who was faking a British accent and it sounded comical. Instead of “british accent training”, it would be worthwhile to put time and effort into “cleaning up” the Indian accent, and then making sure that the Indian CSAs can understand and pronounce words like “Albemarle”, “Seven Oaks”, and “Dulwich” (which is not pronounced the same way as sandwich!). People will understand a clear neutral accent, there’s no need to fake an accent. Don’t you think so?