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Reply To: Call Centre Strategy


James, in an idealistic world you are no doubt correct. Unfortunately in the real world the CC managers are most likely working under a contract for a price conscious customer and the contract was won against a number of other bidders– its a ‘buyers market’ and the cheapest correct entry usually wins.
This leaves the CC Manager under a fair degree of duress themselves, with little oportunity to manipulate the workload or outcomes.
THe problem gets worse if there is no opportunity to reward good performers. If they are selling you may reward on sales volumes, if you are manning a complaints CC and only recording customers complaints to pass them to a service area how do you offer incentive? Rewarding on number of calls answered only encourages them to hurry the caller and miss important details, having them slow down often lowers their throughput and upsets their peers.

Lets face it, CC are usually production lines with a fair degree of repetition and many people become bored– its not easy to find new ways to motivate people in a sterile environment