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Reply To: call center in Islamabad

Harris Iqbal

Its not about how much it costs to setup a call center. That will really vary on what you need your call center for and what purposes it has to serve.

If you look at the broader picture, call centers like any business are to make money. And money is not made by huge investments or by saving, it is made by EARNING. And to earn in this business you need good quality work that actually pays.

Having being in this industry for more than 2 years, I would strongly suggest to everyone who is thinking on setting up a call center to firstly think on what they actually want to do in their call center. Having as little as Rs 1 million to as much as Rs 1000 million can start you a call center, but that does not guarantee that you will earn money.

Money can buy you a wonderful facility, help you hire good people, help you purchase the best hardware but cannot get you good quality work. For that you need to travel, meet people, discuss and prove your worth. And for all this experience and contacts are requried. Call Centers (also known as Contact Centers) are all about contacts. If you know the “right” people who can help you get the right kind of work, you will have no problem in setting up a call center. With the latest government policies it takes only a few days to obtain a call center license. And if you have money you can have a facility setup within weeks.

So concentrate on getting good quality work. That is what will make you money. Not a big fancy facility.

– Harris