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Reply To: Call Center for Airline Industry

Ansar Iqbal

You got that right Asad.

We also want to invest in our parent’s country, but unlike the numerous stories we hear of every uncle who invested in Pak being ripped off by the locals we do not want to suffer the same fate.

Hence us working on the assummption that we will have to rely on ourselves for everything to importing the routers, pc hardware to having muliple connections for connectivity.

Not to mention the issue of bribery.

We do not want to become a fresh generation who are seen as a new source to rip off.

This short sighted view by many Pakistanis adversley hinders the economy in the long term as people become very relectant to invest.

I am sure we have all witnessed this short sightedness which exists every where but more so in countries like Pakistan/india etc

There are some good people there you just got to find them from all the timewasters that you get also.

I would suggest that all the top layer of management is British, with locals being promoted when they have proven themselves.

I apologise in advance if this view is not very digestable but my interest is in the longterm, minimising risks where possible.

Wish you the best of luck. Hope we can make it work and play a part in making the country prosper in a sustainable way, and competing effectivly with neighbouring countries such as india