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Reply To: Call Center for Airline Industry

Asad Baig

Hi Guys,

The problem I have is finding competent and reliable organisation, who employ a high calibre of individuals. It seems the 20% culture very much still exists, to give access to the right contacts.

I was recently in Pakistan, specifically for the purpose of seeking companies who would be able to handle our customer queries from the UK.

Firstly locals seems to get so tied up into BULLS*** that they don’t seem to understand what you want. When they do it’s seems to be all rosey pictures and wonderful amateur dramatics.

I got back to the UK and 3 months on, I’m still waiting for an email back from the unprofessional company..

I’m sure there competent and professional companies out there who would be willing to have a slice of our business. We would much rather channel our business towards Pakistan and see people benefiting there.

I hope to hear from call centre operators who are able to stick to their guns…

Good Luck to you all and lets hope this industry prospers…