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Reply To: Call Center for Airline Industry


ansar iqbal

well said, i was last three weeks in pakistan, have met every entreprenure individually, can share some information, if you like. Overall I can say, yes there are very serious entreprenures in Pakistan anxious to enter this market, no question about potential there, but we have to weave through to get to reality.

Met government officials at highest level, for the first time i got the impression that they are equally keen to bless this industry. People like you, need to make a committed move to make a difference now, we have only 18 month window of opportunity for pakistan, significant buisness can move to pakistan, other wise it will find another destination if we expats remain on the side lines just watching like last 6-8 years. I must say here that i have met more resistance from pakistani expats to move an operation to pakistan than any american or an indian expat.

My suggestion is to make a trip, see every one, look at their positives first, try to mitigate the negatives, which is all possible and tehre you have what you need.