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Reply To: Call Center for Airline Industry

Saeed Qadri

Dear Mr. Arshad Mughal,

My name is Saeed Qadri and I own and operate an international customer contact center in Islamabad, Pakistan. Previously I helped establish one of the first international call center in Islamabad. We have experience of setting up and executing call center projects. In fact we have done telemarketing for LD products, supported directTV, cable and wireless etc quiet successfully. Currently we provide services to some leading store chains and retail outlets.

Recently we have been approached by a local Air line to setup and execute their call center.

Some ideas that I can throw are as follows:

1) Obviously inbound support for air line. Resolving ticketing issues by tapping into the IATA databases. There are a lot of people who are trained in airline ticketing and this can be helpful.

2) A support desk for IT tasks for the Air line. They can issue problem tickets, escalate it to engineers. Primarily providing level-1 tech support.

3) Running loyalty programs. Customer win back programs and announcing new rates/incentives/ routes etc can be out bound services. Air line industry desperately needs to increase/attract new travelers and this can be something they can be really interested in. Plus they already have comprehensive information on their customers and at times their competitor’s customers.

I hope that you are successful in your venture and may ALLAH help us all.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Best Regards
Saeed Qadri