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Reply To: Is this a Joke?


I’m beginning to enjoy this mindless nitpicking —- beats staring at the BBC website during lunch hour.

Why blame CC’s if the company whose customer you are doesnt care? (I think they do, but thats beside the point.)

You are a shareholder Cynic, and can participate in HSBC’s ‘annual shareholders meeting.’ Write a letter to them asking them for more details. (btw – another tip; buy some HSBC stocks. Seems like they are doing well.)

Still dont see the harm in moving to a different continent. As an international bank, they have those options open (and more importantly, their minds.)

I have the highest regard for HSBC’s ‘customer-focussed’ ethos —- they were the ONLY bank to offer me an account when I was in UK. (And we are talking 2 years ago, not 20!)

I am not championing anybodies cause —- but simply cannot stand whiners who hate anything that doesnt directly benefit them (or benefits someone else.)

To cut a long story short, the consumer will HAVE to learn that hard choices have to be made. Production moved to low-cost areas in the late 80s – early 90’s; now its the turn of IT-enabled services, including customer-care.