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Reply To: Is this a Joke?


From now on, move your bank account from HSBC to someone like Nationwide. (They have openly said that their CC will be in UK).

> Good idea.

(Why don’t you voice your greivance to HSBC?) —- Maybe they will listen?

> Good idea. But they probably won’t listen. A company that cares so little about its customers that they move their most important customer facing staff to a different continent is clearly not customer focussed.

Half the people in England cant understand what the Scottish CC staff says! Get real – its easy to point your finger and give the i-dont-care; i-only-want-good-service arguement(s).

> Yes, I agree. It’s easy. But what else should consumers do? We are not shareholders. I guess we just move our accounts as you suggested.

Private companies run on the ‘maximise profit’ paradigm; and not a philanthropic one. Sorry, but thats just the way things are ;0)

> HSBC is not a private company. But I agree. The ethos is the same, and it’s not in the consumers’ interest.

And I repeat – There has to some merit in HSBC’s top boss’s statement – where he said that HSBC’s Indian CC staff outperformed their UK counterparts.

> His primary role is to keep shareholders happy; not consumers.

> So, broadly, we agree. We are just approaching this issue from different angles. You are championing South Asian call centres who have their customer interests at heart. I am championing the consumers’ views. Who else is interested in those?