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Reply To: Is this a Joke?


Tell you what Cynic,

From now on, move your bank account from HSBC to someone like Nationwide. (They have openly said that their CC will be in UK).

Maybe that will stop your heart from ‘sinking’….till Nationwide announces that they too are moving elsewhere.

Like I said before, the company who has migrated the process is to blame. For the Indian CC, the customer is the UK company. (Why don’t you voice your greivance to HSBC?) —- Maybe they will listen?

The CC’s that I had the (mis)fortune of dealing with (i.e. Compaq and 3) took nearly 5 weeks and 3 weeks respectively to do something that normally should have taken only a week (at max).

Half the people in England cant understand what the Scottish CC staff says! Get real – its easy to point your finger and give the i-dont-care; i-only-want-good-service arguement(s).

So globalisation is not helpful eh? Wonder where UK would have been today without the global markets that help keep its companies afloat.

Your bank charges may not go down, but the freebies that you get???? Would HSBC be able to fund them if they werent saving somewhere.

Private companies run on the ‘maximise profit’ paradigm; and not a philanthropic one. Sorry, but thats just the way things are ;0)

And I repeat – There has to some merit in HSBC’s top boss’s statement – where he said that HSBC’s Indian CC staff outperformed their UK counterparts.

Cheer up Cynic,