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Reply To: Is this a Joke?


Have you thought that maybe the Indian staff dont know what switch is, because a) they dont use switch in India; and b) no-body told them???? Why blame only the Indian CC’s, when UK businesses dont care?

Cynic> As a consumer (and that is all I am), I do not care where the problem lies. Yes, you may be right. You’re probably right that UK companies are not migrating their processes properly. But, as a consumer, I hear an Indian accent and my heart sinks.

And please dont give us the arguement that UK CC’s are better. Having just returned from a 18 month stint in UK (and having worked with one of the North-Easts biggest CC’s) – I know what its all about. Try the CC’s of 2 companies – Compaq and 3.

Cynic> But they know what switch cards are, because they probably have them in their wallets.

There has to some merit in HSBC’s top boss’s statement – where he said that HSBC’s Indian CC staff outperformed their UK counterparts.

Why should we be ashamed of globalisation? Isnt that what capitalism and free market economics are all about?

Cynic> Well, now a political discussion could start. In my opinion, globalisation is not helpful to consumers – only businesses.

(btw, it does help customers by bringing down costs….savings which the companies pass on to their customers.)

Cynic> NONSENSE. It is all about improving shareholder value. I have an account with HSBC, and my bank charges have not gone down. In fact, HSBC just announced record profits. Great for their shareholders, but not very exciting for me.

As for your last statement – ‘let’s keep personal comments out of the argument’ – I want to reproduce what you said in your very first post – This place is full of idiots looking for a free ride.

Cynic> Yes, I take your point. But, my comment was not personal.