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Reply To: Is this a Joke?


So, the customer is an idiot. Not a great way to demonstrate customer focus is it?

I am not American. I am British. Having my telephone call answered in America infuriates me as much as having my call answered in India. It is not a question of accent; it is a matter of understanding local culture.

Here is an example: when I pay for a flight and say “can I pay by Switch please?”, I expect the agent to know what Switch is without referring to an operational manual or a supervisor.

Of the companies you mentioned, the only one I deal with regularly is Dell. Fortunately, they still answer European calls in Ireland.

Globalisation does not help consumers; it only helps shareholders. And, Indian call centres are as guilty of globalisation as American multi-national corporations.

Now, if you would like to continue this discussion, let’s keep personal comments out of the argument. What we are discussing are serious issues, and I am doing my best to champion the views of European consumers. Ignore them at your peril.