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Reply To: Is this a Joke?


Just read some of the rubbish on this forum, and you may start to understand people’s cynicism.

For every 100 messages saying “how much will it cost for me to start a call centre”, there is one message about meeting customer expectations and assigning and measuring service targets.

Also, realise that this obsession with accents is a complete irrelevance; it does not matter. If a call centre agents speaks nonsense, the situation is not improved if they speak that nonsense with a western accent.

If, in the Western world, you are unfortunate enough to have to deal with a South Asian call centre, you will understand our despair.

Job losses in the UK do not matter; there is plenty of work. I write this as an end-user of companies who have outsources their contact centres overseas.

As for South Asians ruling the world: that may be true, but I would suggest that it is not particularly relevant in this discussion.