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Reply To: Monitoring Process


Hi there,
Call monitoring guidelines / evaluation forms should be based on what you and your customers are looking to achieve / drive.
An example of some monitoring attributes that i use to track CSA performance are:
1. Welcome or Introduction
2. Acknowledgement
3. Questioning
4. Customer resolution
5. Procedures & Process
6. Customer Foucs
7. Conversation skills
8. Transfer & Hold
9. Closing
10.Check systems
11.All statements
12.Update systems
The above 13 guideline sections cover softskills / technical skills and are weighted according to their importance (CTQ).

I believe that CSA performance should NEVER be judged solely on a score (a score doesn’t tell you everything and doesn’t identify where a CSA may have training issues por may require additional support). The feedback and objectives set with the CSA’s is what is important. Any good manager will look for detail on the background of coaches rather than looking solely at a coaching score. Due to the different learning attributes involved in call monitoring it is always best to use different variations across evaluations – i.e. Recorded Calls / Live (remote observations) / Peer (Sitting side by side) / Case coaching. Each of these coaching methods will identify training / behavioural issues across your team and should be used where it benefits the CSA towards improving.

Hope this helps.