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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan


hi guys im very new at all this, and tryen to see if i can expand my business and same time save the expen , im wanna open my help desks, as well as, my sales serv from pakistan office who will help my clints in usa and permote my products and permotions in USA< further more i have no idea where to start, i will need about 4 to 5 people seating, i my self m located in USA so i dont know much to go around in pakistan, sure can get some help but im not trying to build business of call center im just trying ot permote my running things which are goin in usa, if someone can tell me if i need a call center which doesnt realy work for anycompany but my self and have 4 to 6 sales personal worken for me how much money would be looken to put in there, second question was where will i go by as far as looken for all the tech things that me or my company will be looken for. i have a dead line of doing this setup by the end of this year (2005) after that compnay wants to give contract to some1 else which means business will be going to somother company instaid of pakistan or india, i will be realy greatfull if some1 from this forum can contact me about what will need in order for me to getgoing with this whole thing thankyou ASIF