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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan

Muzafar Mahmood

Hello every one,

I am in the process of completing set up for 20 seats call cnetre in Lahore.It will be completed by the end of July this year.
Setting up the infrastructure is one issue and can be seen as one off expense, however as mentioned by some other experienced professionals in this industry, it is only the start of a very challenging and demanding task.

There are several other factors that we are already facing huge challenges with, in order to tap a particular market of the call centre.

I therefore urge you to have your business plan well prepared! There are number of things that your business plan may not even be able to contemplate before hand, and these are not the issues that you over looked some how but that you have no controll over, for instance the odd working hours and making staff available for these hours who are well trained.

There are several training related issues that you will encounter difficulties in. So please be well advised on all matters and do take enough cautions and help from wherever possible.

Good luck with your plans

Muzafar Mahmood