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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan


Dear Saeed,

Thanks for the advice.

Are there more resources, I can read up, specially in context of Pakistan for the areas you mentioned i.e. operations, technology setup, bandwith, LD, co-location, business development, marketing and HR.

The american lady, who wrote the book made it look very easy to get started. Is superphone with DSL a good way to start a small business (e.g. a personal offshore secretary). Does one need special permission from PTCL to use Superphone i.e. VOIP?

I wish there is more information and guidance available on this subject. I would appreciate any good pointers and people.

Are there sample templates available for a business plan for Call Centers. I was wondering if someone could share one (maybe just a skeleton). Is there any case study I can follow?

My father is also based in Islamabad and would be very supportive of such a project, plus he is accustomed to internet and technology.

Is there any call center for whom I can act as the front end in USA to gather business? I would love to learn a new trade, and get started off. I am always ready to learn! And am based in NJ/NY and would eaferly look for guidance.