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Reply To: Call Center In Pakistan

Rizwan Malik

Hi Everyone,

It’s nice to see that many people are working in Call Center industry in Pakistan. I am really thinking about doing something in this field and have researched a lot. I posted a message in SMEDA forums for this too, and actually got a reply back. There is a company in Islamabad who wants to finance this idea. Now what I really need is a contract from a company who want to open a call center there.

Here I would like to ask Mr. Anwar Kazi for his assistance, as he has some experience in this already. By the way, It is very impressive list of companies you have managed there. If you can give me a little information on what kind of equipment you will be using for your 250 seat call center and where you planning on opening it, that will help a lot. I believe we already have one TRG call center in Lahore, which is running successfully. And around how much are we talking about investing here?

Also one more concern I have is about the Do Not Call List. Will this affect the call center business in Pakistan? Because I thought that most of the call centers in India and Pakistan do telemarketing as their main operations, as the call center contracts can be terminated anytime.

Thanks for all of your help in this, I believe if India can run call center, so as Pakistan. And we should help each other as much we can. I am in Virginia, USA and will be happy to assist anyone of you in your questions.

Rizwan Malik