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Reply To: Make this forum technical

Vishal Jhamb

Interactive Intelligence ( I3) is an excellent state of the art product. I have personally installed it at 2 centers in New Delhi. The version EIC 2.1.c is extremely userfriendly and robust. It has been tested with 5,000 users defined in Interaction Administrator, comes with Dramatic improvements in all user operations (add new user, change attribute, load user list, etc.) Many order of magnitude (10 fold) improvements Dramatic improvements in speed of security calculations Ability to define and assign roles for various levels. It has Client-side TAPI TSP Account and authorization codes, Multi-lingual auto attendant, LDAP-based phone directories, New line group and DNIS reports, Oracle support for logging and reporting, Reverse white pages lookup, New multi-lingual audio prompt manager.Further, It has inbuilt Reliable monitoring using either Dialogic or Aculab hardware (no more reliance on “side tone”)
External call-in monitoring of any agent or trunk Hosted monitoring (external caller and supervisor can talk while listening to an agent and a customer). It Supports for Dialogic HDSI H.100 station board (up to 120 station connections per board) VPIM tools for legacy voice mail integration.It can also arrange Conference calls with up to 400 participants
Broadcasts with 1 speaker and up to 1,000 listeners Coaching (supervisor can hear both sides of a conversation and speak so that comments are heard only by agent).

If U Need more Info Let me know
Vishal Jhamb