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Reply To: Call Center Pakistan

Assad Amin

This message is for the all the people that come from abroad to try and open up call centres in Pakistan. Do not open up your own call centres to try and cut costs because you creating additional cost by setting up the initial infrastructure and employment/training procedures. Invest in existing call centres to benefit from the cost cutting advantages in outsourcing and strenghthen the existing infrastructure. There is a saying “To Many Cooks Spoil The Broth” You don’t want to end up in the Taxi situation where there more Taxis then there are people to use them, this is drainage on National Resource. Establish a core of Call Centres that already have a standing in Pakistan and Franchise off from their backbone!!! It’s simple, work together instead of everyone wasting money on an ill thought out call centre that will here today gone tomorrow as this reflects negatively on the countries ability to sustain business. Once a customer has a bad experience he’s not going to come back….would you??

Inshallah the industry will be successfull and the Economic boom in the country will be long lived but you have to work TOGETHER as a TEAM becasue everyone knows that


Asalam O Alaikum