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Reply To: Setting Up a Call Center Costs…

Pulkit Gupta

Will, we are a established Call Center with both inbound and outbound facility with two clients (200 and 15 seats) located around New Delhi.

How much per sq/ft is space inside a technology park in India.

Facility One
2500 Sq. feet 2 floors (Fully operational)

Facility Two
4000 Sq. Feet 2 floors (Operational within one month)

How much is connectivity (Internet, telephone access) on a monthly basis? and at what bandwidth?

512kb Telephone
256kb Internet

How much does a typical Call Center Manager get paid monthly?

How expensive are consultants? and how much do they help?

15k onwards (depending on quality required)

We are in the cost analysis phase. If this bears out we would be moving on this within the next three months or so.

More information is required.

We would be more than willing to discuss this further.