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Reply To: Setting Up a Call Center Costs…

Saurabh: Gateway Systems

Hi Will:

Q. How much per sq/ft is space inside a technology park in India.
A. Depends on the city that you are looking for, as also the location in the city. Rates would vary… you cannot put a plug on the rates till you have decided a no. of the above factors.

Q. How much is connectivity (Internet, telephone access) on a monthly basis? and at what bandwidth?
A. Again, too general a question. Let me give you an example, in case you are starting a captive call centre (captive meaning that it is going to do your work alone, so you hv assured business) then any no. of seats can do, per seat cost of bandwidth would be around INR 150,000 per annum (USD 3000).

In case it is an outsource centre, then you would be besta dvised to go for min. 300 seats on.

Q. How much does a typical Call Center Manager get paid monthly?

A. The top guy? Around INR 1 Lac per month (USD 2000) onwards (depends on his expertise and the no. of seats to be handled)

Q. How expensive are consultants? and how much do they help?

A. Dont look for consultants till you hv your basics done. More important, dont look for consultants to get business for you, look for them to setup you centre alone.

Hope that helps.