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Reply To: How to set up a call center in delhi?



Let me first Introduce myself to you all, I am senior Call Center / BPO Operation & Quality management professional Here in the USA / New York & New Jersey.

I would like to inform all the Call Center Entrepreneurs who is venturing into this new business. One should be aware of the most critical parts of this business operation, other than 1) Hardware 2) Software 3) Getting New Business 4) and Getting the right Work Force.

You may have the best Hardware & Software for your Call Center, and may be you have an excellent Business order from a potential Clients from USA / UK.etc. But if you are unable to deliver and sustain the business, this may jeopardize your whole Business Investment. (This is one of the reasons you will see Fly by Night Call Centers).

I highly recommend the Business “Drive” (Operation) is one of the most important aspects for this type of venture, since in this business your investments and / or profits could be eaten up stealthily (without informing).

Here I would like to share some of the Day-Today operational management & entities to be looked upon and keep a strict check on a periodical basis….

Metrics for Call Centers Management :

 Select a suitable working set of metrics
 Try Use Available metrics
 Select a set of metrics for managing service level and capacity planning
 Check Customer wait time
 Track Rep call handling
 Check Call load metrics
 Check & manage Historical reports
 Check & Manage customer wait time metrics and rep call handling metrics (Relate Them)

Queuing Dynamics:

 Staffing considerations
 Try to achieve a balance
 Try to Minimize costs
 Meeting service level commitments
 Realize all your quality goals
 Use the Erlang C to design to optimally staff a call center
 Check / Track drivers that interrelate in the presence of queuing dynamics

Service Level Management :
 Know the major drivers of service level

Call Load Forecasting :
 Keep a track of Call load
 Call traffic patterns
 Check Dominant call arrival patterns
 Times Series Forecast
 Try to accurately forecast call load for a call center

Staff Calculation :
 Use Erlang C assumptions & for predictions
 Know your requirements – staff levels
 Resulting service levels (with respect to staffing)

Staff Scheduling :

 Develop individual reps’ schedule so that, in aggregate, calculated rep staffing needs can be met
 Scheduling alternatives
 Calculate a Roster Staff Factor for a call center group
 Find out the Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) and their use in calculating and scheduling call center staff

Trunk Calculation & Management :

 Call blocking and what is means to you Call center
 Reducing the likelihood of call blocking
 Understand & Determine the correct number of trunks

Tactical Management of Service Level :

 Tracking and managing Rep Adherence to Schedule
 Use Real time service level tactics
 Create “An Alert System”

Managing Average Handle Time:

 Check Average handle time
 Try & understand why average handle time is important to your Call Center
 Drivers of average handle time
 What you can do to achieve a balance
 Minimal average handle time
 Know your Service quality goals
 Determine your Financial goals

Managing Abandon Rate :

 Check service level and abandon rate
 Know how to minimize abandon rates
 Check & Control Recorded announcements

Balancing Cost Per Call With Service Level & Quality Goals:

 Check The trade-offs
 Maintain the Service goals
 Cost per call
 Balance the quality of customer call handling and the cost per call

Define your Key Performance
Indicators, KPIs :

 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the call center

Root Cause Analysis of Problems :

 Check and track Problem cause and effect
 Create and apply root-cause diagrams to service level management
 Use various performance analysis tools
Make Use of :
 Scatter diagram
 Pareto chart
 Benchmarking

Outbound Call Management :

 Select Key Performance Indicators for an outbound call center
 Calculate staffing to meet outbound call management goals

Managing e-Mail Centers :

 Manage the response time of a non-phone call center
 Select appropriate response time goals
 Calculate staffing to met non-phone call center goals

Call Center Technologies :

 Align technologies and processes to ensure service level delivery
 Understand your Key call center technologies
 Have your own technologies selection process
 Justify technology purchases
 Implement new technologies ( constant up-gradation of Infrastructure)

Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning
 Know the major elements of a call center disaster recovery plan
 Have your Potential solutions ready

Health, Safety & Legal Issues :
 Factors important to managing the health and safety of call center employees
 Ergonomic factors
 Environmental factors
 Applicable health and safety regulations
 Employee/Employer rights

All Entrepreneurs and interested people can post your message here for Help, regarding Setup / Operation Management & Business Development or any such questions.