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Reply To: Call Centre Set Up Details


Too many people try and make setting up a call centre a hectic and diffiult task. The buy smart and expensive computers, desks, chairs, servers, handsets etc. Where everybody is missing the point. A call centre is a place where you either receive calls or make calls. you don’t need a desk to be on a call, you don’t need to sit to be on a call. “I’m just trying to make a point” you can start a call centre tommorrow. Take 1 large table and 4 cheap plastic chairs, 4 PCs and 4 phones(preferrablbly PABX). Get 4 people to sit in the chairs and BOB’s your uncle, you have a call centre.

NOW depending on your product or service, you might need to look at a server(not expensive), you might need to look at a call/voice recording product.

BUT the big question is,

WHAT does your call centre do ???