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Reply To: Call Centre Set Up Details


I’m looking to set up a data services center in India. I’m not sure of the location but I’m thinking it’ll be in the Delhi area. I have a few questions that I’d like to get answers too and of course I don’t need specific numbers but general ball park figures will be accepted.

I’m looking to invest in a 30 manned center where it will serve as a hub for service and coordinator in the plastics arena. The company hasn’t operated in India at all and before we would like to build a plant in the area, we wanted to place a sales force to targe the plastic’s market & of course the center (within the center we want to set up a streamlined process for all of our international manfacturing plants (2 in the US, 1 in Mexico, and 1 in China). Currently all the plants are pretty much operating their own way and the business is seeking to streamline the process. We are targeting India becuase of the cost and educated workforce w/the possibility of creating a plant down the road).

1. We want to reserve a floor in a local office building preferably in the city to avoid various caste system problems and issues – what is the going rent rate for total expenses dealing with property (1 floor in an office builidng) and equpiment (20-30 pc’s, server, multi phone network – #800 number).

2. what is the going rate for service related/call center associates – please provide dollar amount in local currency not USD

3. I know the market there is pretty competitive, what are some various things that we cna put into place to keep employee turnover low. Rumors are that if you set up a call center there you need to have some major incentives in place to keep employees from quitting, as they can pretty much walk outside, interview, and have a new job the next day.