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Reply To: Call Centre Set Up Details


I’m having telecomms nightmares and although I may be slighlty out of topic I hope somebody will be able to offer some advice.

I live in England and for my work make a lot of international calls. What’s best technology to achieve high quality long distance calls? Most of the information on the internet talks about ‘low cost calls’ – but low cost isn’t always the best if the quality is poor!

At the moment I use either a domestic landline or a mobile phone. I find that the mobile gives me better quality (although far from perfect) at the moment- is this normal?

Is there any better technology I should consider?

What do call centres use? I’ve seen people talkinng about VOIP. How does the quality compare to mobiles/landlines?

Sorry for so many questions. I’ll owe anyone who can help a massive lunch and many drinks!!!