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Reply To: Call Centre Set Up Details


To Lokesh:

Yes, I have worked for a company with CC, but like I said I have worked onthe IT side. I did alot of the custom built applications for my company, not necessarily for the call centers folks. Although, we do have a cc department, I haven’t done any cc related work. All I know about my current employer’s CC are the hardware, software and network we’re using. I don’t know anything about the start up cost of anything related to starting a business. I’m more of a technical person than a business person.

I’m located in the US but planning on starting this business in the Philippines, like Jefrey.
Is your company licensed in the US? Do we need to be a US licensed business to partner up with a US based companies? Do we need to set-up a remote office in the US?
I will be a partner for the business we’re starting. The only thing my business partners and I are waiting for is getting a key business partners.