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Reply To: Marketing Group for Call Centers

Siddharth Patel

Dear Sandeep,
once again we have some synergy in this arena, I have a place in London, and have excellent contacts with the Investment Banks and also I have a very significant contact who is a conultant that match makes UK clients that wish to outsource, ITES, Call centre services, and BPO processes to India.

Working with him and his team we have found that pilot projects are the initial bait, and then the client considers; 1) starting their wholly owned operation from scratch, 2) Purchasing an existing entity, probably the provider of the pilot project, 3) A cross equity deal with a offshore provider, either a joint venture or establish a new subsidiary.

Working on per project basis is usually a receipe for failure, and causes the UK clients to shun the offshore model.

Anyone have any other expereinces in this is welcome to comment or better challenge my statements.

Siddharth Patel