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Reply To: Want to open call centres training

Smriti Mehta

Hi Vikas,
Practically no training instutitue like to help its compititor, As i told you earlier, The Best Person you can find to guide you all the way will be Mr. Upkar Chhibber, he is heading his company ie UP-ZEON INC. I have attended his session in september last year and have found the direction which i was looking for since past 3 years. Though he is very selective in dealing with people but if you have the fire to do something related to training people to be their best what ever may be the area of interest, he would certainly work with you to realise your goal of opening the training institute. Keep in mind that money doesn’t matter for him, its the character and interity that binds him with people who are willing to succeed in life. He is also one among the 6 indian psychic healers associated with world reknown free healing organization ORALIN. He is also among the few people who can provide training on the application of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Progmg) in sales and managment. As i have written in my earlier message that you can search the web with any search engine (google/yahoo etc) with his name ‘upkar chhibber’ as the keyword. I wish you best of luck for your new venture.