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Reply To: Industry of Mercenaries


I agree with you, booming phase of call center is not more than 4-5 years.but it will exist in some form or other.Man power has to prove their importance in this field when easy phase fades away.
Survival for the fittest.
You are super-cautious man, it seems you not aware about the man power utilised in this industry are not neccessarily IT Skilled. You must know what they would’ve done if there was no call center funda?
You may be aware of, why the churn rate is high in this field.
boys/girls many of them i know who are undergrads and working in cc to earn for higher studies.
Others those who are not interested to go away they infact will be most benifitted …..
Those seriously involved ppl defenitly will play key roles in future.
At the conclusion : if all the world die then it will be the last thing to die is CRM.
Trade is life and call center industry is economical mean to do that.
I am sorry if i hurt anyone.