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Reply To: Call Centre setup in india for US


Hi Amit ,

Thank you for your reply.

Can you please describe your infrastructure,how long have you been operating, what clientele have you been working with, what are your investments so far , where are you located in Delhi,what are the kind of communication facilities you have,is your call center scalable and do you have provision for it, what kind of technology are you using, what are the improvements you are looking for and what can partner offer you.

Since this forum does not permit us to send our contact address at this stage we can communicate here and may be I can then send you my address on recieving details on this forum by making a paid entry here.

I am very apprehensive about using my credit card number for the paid entry as there has been a misuse of my credit card on the internet in the past ! On hearing details from you I would arrange a physical remmitance to the site to send you my contact details.