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Reply To: Call Center Setup


Dear Amruth and Krishna,

I would like to suggest that you shall go for the futuristic technology, that shall be able to provide you with broadband features as well as video conferencing facilities( Reason being technologies fade away fast and I don’t want your investment to get wasted in next two years time).

Secondly i would like to suggest that you shall go for blended solution that can be either of interactive intelligence or Concerto software. Concerto is a newly formed company out of a recent merger of Davox and Cellit technologies and has a potential solution which has both the ruggedness of word’s best dialer ie Unison and flexibility and compatibility with all hardware of call center set0up ie ContactPro.

Thirdly I would recommend that you shall go for a Contactpro coz its highly reliable and absolutely scalable becuase of its unique distributed open architecture providing redundancy at each stage, so that your call center up time is highest and thus you will incur min. losses.

Unison as a dialer has 74% share in Indian market and Concert Software has over 1100 installations all over the world. ContactPro in itself is a piece of art and its dialer feature has capability to detect all type of answering machines toa good 85%(more than industry average)

Last but not least this contactpro is available at very attractive prices and that too with the option, that you want to pay for only outbound license fee initially and then subsequently want to avail other feature of a blended call center ie inbound/e-mail/chat/web collaboration/FAX etc.

One thing is for sure if you are using a truly blended call center solution then you ought to save at agent cost as any agent can handle any interaction and will have least idle time (because of a mix of inbound/outbound/e-mail/chat/web collaboration and FAX).

Implementation time is another criteria and in case of ContactPro you yourself can install it coz its as simple as WINDOS installation.

Keep in mind the service and support that is an absolute must for any product in 21st century, and you will be amazed to know that the organization providing support for this product has more than 1200 installations all over India with a strong team of some 200 technical professionals and have achieved some 750 live seats of this ContactPro Software in North and western India.

You can also avail ASP model ie you can get this hardware and software on lease at a bare minimum for per seat per hour basis for at least six hours a day.

There are many who have been benefitted using this model and are top performers in industry. Concerto is associated with many big names in Indian Call center industry, GE, Spectramind etc. are a few to name.

Good Luck and Best wishes for your call center venture.