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Reply To: Sample Business Plan for Call Center?

Vinay Talwar

Hi everybody,

I will try and answer some of the questions raised
above in this mail.

You could get a lot of information and stats on the
Call Center Industry, specifically the Indian Industry,
on the website of Voide & Data Magazine

In case you need any clarifications after going through
the said site please feel free to contact me.

As regards entering the Indian market, it is best that
a US/UK company should enter into a Joint Venture or an
Alliance with an Indian company which has an established
business background and has exposure to the Service Industry
if not the Call Center Industry – although in case they tie-up
with a Call Center player it would be ideal. This is important
as the Indian partner would understand the business and
political environment much better and will be able make the
JV successfull. The foreign partner would bring in its market/
customer relationships as well as the mature processes and systems
knowledge. I can assure you that this is the best way as I have
been daling with Acquisitions & Strategic Alliances and have
just returned from the US after negotiating some of thes for
my clients in India.

As regards the cost of setting up of a Call Center, it all depends
upon the size and nature of the Center but it could vary from
Rs 4 crores (US $ 0.75million) to Rs 12 crores (US $ 2.4 m)
for a 24 seat to 120 seat Call Center including Working Capital.

Hope this helps.

Good Luck !

Vinay Talwar