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Reply To: PABX System

Sanjay Bhargava

Can we run FR over IPLC?
The second question: How much overhead is going to be there? Passport 4460 mux from Nortel supports VoIP or VoFR and not TDM. Compared to using TDM mux like Kilomux, how much bandwidth is wasted if we go for VoFR on IPLC. Vendor say that 12.5Kbps per voice channel on FR. If we are buying a FR service from BT or others, this is fine as the overhead is not to our account and we will get the CIR committed to us. If we are deploying FR over our IPLC, the overhead of FR goes out of our bandwidth. Just like VoIP , VoFR has some overhead in carrying voice in pacet form. I think that this packet overhead is the extra 4.5 kbps on 8Kbps compressed voice. We will loose additional bandwidth for running FR on IPLC. Any idea bout it?