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Reply To: BHCA

Call Center Manager

Thank you Sanjay,

You are right that I am not a technical woman.

I have attached his explaination, pls advice me if what he claims is correct?
The PABX system is able to support
32,000BHCA and this traffic capacity is based on the total aggregate that the PABX system can support on the whole; ranging from trunk, extensions,all other supportable applications (such as the OAI for ACD, MCI for
IVR, etc…).

Now, ACD is just one of the applications developed by our partner,for the PABX system, which can never match up to 32,000BHCA,
else there is no meaning to the PABX system. ACD is currently rated at 2,500 BHCA with a delay of less than 2 sec in performance. Beyond that, the call delivery is delayed further and based on our traffic analysis on Dec 01 where the traffic hit 4,600 BHCA, the delay is between 2-3.3
seconds, i.e. an additional 1.3 secs at 4,600 BHCA. As explained also, this high traffic generated is also based on the insufficient agents to handle the high traffic during peak hours, where many call announcements were made. Operationally, if there is insufficient agents to handle the call,naturally there will be higher abandon rate, even if the Q-Master is delayed further for another 1-2 secs.

I hope you can now appreciate my explanation on the differences in the traffic capacity.
Is this the right way to quote a PABX system?