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Reply To: Shifting Waste – service

R. Viswanathan

Hello Tim and Bob,

This discussion has brought out lots of views and issues – and in the process, has been a great learning experience for me. I entirely agree with Tim that every country (and State?) in the world has its own population of fly-by-night unreliable businessmen out to make that fast buck – nothing specific to India.

I have had a very bad experience just last week where a reputed, incorporated Company in California just started picking holes on our work (not the call center business!) with the only intention and the ulterior motive of evading the payment of $12,000 they owe us ; and the Company CEO informed me of this so called shortcomings in our work, after 55 days of getting the work done! he just wanted to get the huge backlog work of his clients completed in record time and my Company was perhaps one of the very few, which could handle that volume and complexity at such short notice. And the CEO does not receive my calls any more! Now that certainly does not mean all US Companies are bad ! I have some of the finest Companies and even small firms, in US, with whom we have had and will continue to have excellent business relationship since years. One bad apple does not mean that the entire garden is bad !

I find that only pretty serious Companies in India have got into the Call center business and they are doing their best to deliver what their bretheren in US do. If you have clear cases where clients stop calling, the moment they know the contact center is in India, could you please share this with me. It would be a real great help for us in doing whatever it takes to reduce, if not avoid this alarming trend.

I am pretty much concerned at this, since we are implementing a 500 seater call center for a top Korean group in India, to take up outsourcing business from US.

Thanks so much for your response.


R. Viswanathan