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Reply To: Shifting Waste – service

Tim Harvey


I am glad to see you are tracking the types of calls you get and how the system is impacted by them. The main point to all of this is, are you able to truly make changes to the system based on your input?

We all know that a stack of data that no one reads or heeds is just a pile of paper. Do you or your managers get to sit with your clinics to review their procedures and recommend changes? I have seen many a problem just go unchecked and grow to unbelieveable extremes because no one wanted to listen.

I would be interested to hear what authority you have over the system when presenting potential problem areas?

As far as your service levels are concerned, in your line of work I would think that even helping one person survive a situation is paramount. Add more people and monitor the use of their time, but continue to focus on the end results for your veterans. I also think you provide a truly great service to the many veterans we have forgotten!

Thank you.