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Reply To: Shifting Waste – service

Tim Harvey

Well, I agree and disagree with several points in this discussion, but I am surprised no one has mentioned a valuable part of the call centers…

Does anyone track the types of issues or questions that are dealt with in their call centers? Do the managers of the product or services company the call center supports talk to the managers of the call centers about these issues? We are talking about trying to influence the quality of many things in this discussion and I agree with Samantha, it is very difficult for a call center manager to really be heard. I would suggest that we pay attention to the details of the calls, provide the best possible resolution for any given issue and have informaiton gained in this process be a part of a companies product or service development.

When was the last time the product development manager of your company sat in your call center and listened to the REAL issues?

Does anyone agree with the importance of making the information gained within the call center a critical piece of business information?

Tim Harvey