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Reply To: Shifting Waste – service

John P.

Yes this is all true. I agree with you Samatha. However there is still a case to be made for those companies that do have excellent products and services but yet the delivery of customer service is poor.

Two companies come to mind, I have worked for them both. So although there is much to be said about the product quality, and I agree here totally, what about the others whose products are the best in their field? Maybe the fault is in the ramp up process. Maybe its the need to hire so many people all at once and many, who perhaps are not Customer oriented, seem to make it through the testing and interviewing only to land on the other end of your 800 number.

To me theres still a distinct difference in representatives, those who truly care about what and how they do their job, and those who quite frankly seem less enthusiastic. Staff my center with the latter thank you. Maybe this is an HR problem. And maybe these stats, quality measures etc. are there to keep the ‘less enthusiastic’ CSRs in line but because we don’t really know whose who in large centers we rely on our stats and apply them to everyone carte blanche. Is this fair? Is it right? Can it be done better? I know how I would answer these questions.

Its hard and takes alot of work but it should be done.