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Reply To: Call Center Software

Rebecca Griffith

Dear Josephine, I just read your question and have been involved in two start-up call centers. They each now employ over 300 people. I personally have found a great system used in each call center or contact center. If what you are looking for is user-friendly software,than this is it. This software does everything.It is a windows based system and made by Lucent Tech. It is call the CentreVu system. It is made for 2 employees up to thousands.At a glance it can tell you everything since it directly linked to your phone systems. It can make any type of reports, be e-mailed to anyone. I am not sure of the cost since it varies depending on the system needed. Try out their website for more info or type in CentreVu.If you need more info contact me at It is great to have aforum to discusss these things.