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Reply To: Call center consulting

nirmala r rao

We are the service providers for ATM in Mumbai, India. I wish to install a call centre. Also i would like to have an system wherein certain calls could be automatically answered, i.e the calls need not come to the agent as long they are of stero type & there is a reay ans recorded. I assume that for this to work we need to have an interactive voice recording system in place. For this purpose what are the additional hardware&software required & what would be the additional cost involved. Can this be integrated with the call centre at a later stage? Just i require more clarification on the functioning of the IVr system, may be in coordination with a call centre. How does it benifit me. Is it very effective or just an addon function?. I have a fixed idea in mind which & feel that a call centre is not effective without an IVR. Is it correct. Pl Guide me.

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