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Reply To: Starting a call centre


Good luck to all setting up call centers but there are a few things to think about before you do and I’ll attempt to touch on some issues only.

I think someone mentioned about Infrastructure different than Operations..which is very true but there is more to it. You have to look at a particular clients needs. I know that some call centers in India are facing lot of issues relating to operational efficiency, accent, training through-put, telecom understanding, infrastructure scalability, processes, SLAs etc. You cannot resolve all these issues in one go (no matter how good you are…I know I have setup a lot of these things). So there needs to be a certain amount of level setting and prioritization that needs to be done.

A successful call center would anticipate, learn all its weaknesses and strengths before taking client live.

The US market is not as forgiving as the rest of the world. So I recommend an alliance to the US companies, as they don’t know the market and I recommend hiring talent for the Indian Centers to help prioritize.

Hope this helps. Let me if know.