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Reply To: Best practices


As a call centre manager of a large government call centre I often hear the words “best parctice”. I must say that I shiver when I hear the terminology.

Best practice is what you define for your operation to meet and/or exceed the expectations of your organisation and customers. Not what someone else defines as good performance.

In my opinion there is no such thing as best parctice. The questions you need to ask are:

1. What is best for my customer?
2. What is best for my organisation?

From there you decide if you want to or even can achieve the answers to the above questions.

There are so many fctors involved that trying to emulate another organisation may be completely wrong for you.

Decide what is right for your business and champion that cause, obiously within the orgaisational paradigm within which you are operating.

If you build your case based on solid data, qualitative and quantitative, you can define your operation so that you are best in class with best practice in place. Try it, it really does work.