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Call Proc Problem

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    I have problem with my quintum.
    Software Version p4-2-20-21(LEC)

    Problem is call comes in my gw but it doesnt activate.

    call proc then after 10 sec it becomes term disc

    I am using phonecell telular with that. i’ve done test dial, and seems fine.

    Please help me.

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    i have the same problem with August. I have a A800 with Telular on the 8 ports.
    “Problem is call comes in my gw but it doesnt activate.

    call proc then after 10 sec it becomes term disc

    I’ve done test dial with the telular, and seems fine. I also test it with other terminal, and everything is ok except when im using telular.…

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    MikeM to Rob

    You may not have the answer supervision setup correctly on the Tenor. Please review the answer supervision doc available on Quintum’s web site. Also, use the test command to check that you are getting dial tone from all lines.

    If you want more assistance, you can contact me directly at


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    Hi mike,
    Thanks for the respond…

    There’s a dial tone on each port when I make a “test o x”.

    see my config:

    PSTN Trunk Group: 1
    Name = PstnPassThrough1
    Pass Through = no(0)
    PT Trunk ID = 0
    Provide Call Progress Tone = no(0)
    Busyout = no(0)
    Hunt Algorithm = ascending-round-robin(2)
    Modem Calls = No(0)
    Direction = both(2)
    DN Used = public
    End Of Dial = yes(1)
    End Of Dial Digit = #
    Add End of Dial Digit = no(0)
    Ivr Type = None
    CID = From Interface(0)
    External Routing Request = no(0)
    Auto Switch Enable = no(0)
    Forced IP Routing # = none
    Trunk ID(Account Code) = none
    Trunk ID Delivery = none
    2 Stage Dial = No
    Translate Inbound Caller ID = no(0)
    Relay Caller ID = yes(1)
    IP Extension = no(0)
    Maximum LAM Calls Allowed = 7
    LAM: Index Pattern Replacement NumberType
    1 < xxx> < xxx> 0
    Cas Signaling Type = loop start rev battery(5)
    Cas Orientation = user(0)
    Dial Tone Detect = yes(1)
    Dial Delay Timeout = 1000
    Answer Delay Timeout = 0
    Flash-Hook Signaling = no(0)
    Supervision = answer and disconnect(3)
    Caller Id Detection = no(0)
    dtmf-ontime = 100
    dtmf-offtime = 100
    unit# 1 line# 2: 1,2,3,4,6,7,8

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    MikeM to Rob

    Most likely it is your signaling. You have the tenor set to reverse battery, but are you 100% positive that your tellular is providing the reverse battery for answer? My guess is probably not. Try setting the signaling to plain loop start and then config the answer delay to 120. BTW, while you can configure signaling to reverse battery and supervision to disconnect and answer, only the reverse battery will be used. As detailed in the CLI guide, the supervision options will only work if signaling is set to loop start only or loop start with forward disconnect.

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    I have A800. I get calls connected to 3 ports only. However when tested for dialtone using “test o x”, I can get dial tine in all ports. All channels are open.
    Why we can not have more than 3 concurrent calls.

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