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Your opinion about Quintum?

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    Sorry to ask this kind of question, but, I need to make an installation of a Quintum ASM400 (4fxs and 4fox ports), but to simply use as a kind of “pstn switch” that we can configure…
    Making the installation for a VoIP system will be nice, but I have this configuration: 4 public tel numbers, i.e. 012345/012346/012347/012348… so on the FXO ports, on the other side, 4 phones on the FXO ports.

    But, I just need to put a special prefix to those number, such a “010” for reaching the “outside”, what should I configure.
    As, when I connect the lines and the phones, they are working directly, but you have to dial all the time the “010” before.
    So I would like to make the “010” automatic, like that people will simply dial “normal” number.

    Thanking in advance.

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    MikeM to Arl


    If you just want to make calls from FXS (phone) to FXO, but have 010 added to the dialed number so that phone user does not have to dial it, then you can do this by setting the correct lampatter on the tcrg group and setting the passthru on both to No. You have to make sure that the lampattern matches the beginning of the dialed number and the lamreplacement is where you add 010 + whatever numbers you put in the lampattern.

    If you require more assistance on this, you can contact me at

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    Im new in quintum config.. Please help…
    Quintum# ev l3
    Quintum# ev c
    Quintum# ev qu
    ——–below is the resut——-

    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:13:775 |ocall[520729/985465]:RcvRelComp, Call Id=16 RMT Call Id=0 cause=-1786536392.
    CallInfo[520729]: disconnected event. cause=16 legno=0 leg=1.

    CallInfo[520729]: send eventDisconnected 101.
    tsi disconnect: 1025 004 11
    TBCSM[520729]: Release from peer=0x95f7fcd4 cause=0x10.
    CallInfo[520729]: disconnected event. cause=16 legno=1 leg=1.

    OBCSM[520729]: Release complete from peer=0x962cb4ec.
    PRI(2,0,1,0xd28d): sending DISC_REQ to L3.
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:13:940 |PRI(2,0,1,0xd28d): received CLEAR_CONF from L3.
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:21:075 |CdrClient 1: Restarting.
    CDR 1: Connecting to
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:21:090 |CDR 1: Connect failed. errno=0x3d.
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:36:090 |CdrClient 1: Restarting.
    CDR 1: Connecting to
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:36:105 |CDR 1: Connect failed. errno=0x3d.

    — how to decode these?? —–
    – 0x95f7fcd4 ???
    – 0x10 ???
    TBCSM[520729]: Release from peer=0x95f7fcd4 cause=0x10.
    – 0x3d ???
    CDR 1: Connecting to
    ch |01/01| 2006/02/04|02:56:21:090 |CDR 1: Connect failed. errno=0x3d.

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    Hi , need defaul factory tenor a200
    the login and pasword this lost

    #23911 Reply
    MikeM to Yohn


    An A200??, not AS200? If it is a real A200, your best bet is to simply go to the nearest water way, and throw it as far as you can because it is not worth it.

    However, if it is a newer AS200, then you will need to contact Quintum to have the password reset.

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    How to configure Quintum AXG 2400 24port fxs box for multi user?

    #23913 Reply
    MikeM to Sam


    I can help you in your configuration. If you would like to use my services, please contact me at


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    I need to know if the Quantum D2400 has CLIR features or not? and if it has how to configure it.Thanks.

    #23915 Reply
    MikeM to Nabil

    If you mean rejecting calls based on the caller id, I do not believe this is available. The most you can do with the DX is translate caller id to a different number.

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    Hi Mike and thanks, No, actually I meant when a call comes in through the quintum to another number my local numbers would appear on the screen of the person reciving the calls, so I want the number to be privented or to have a common fake number to appear, so when a call comes via my route it would appear on the reciving end as just “CALL” or “number withheld” or “privete number” or in the worst case senario ” 1234″ a fake number if you get what I mean?!! Thanks.

    #23917 Reply
    MikeM to Nabil


    If the signaling is ISDN (PRI) or R2, then there may be a way. If, however, you are connecting to a channel bank which then uses analog lines or GSM, then there is no way as the CLId is controlled by the phone company switch.

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    Dear Mike,
    Thanks for your kind and swift response, it is the first case where I am using the CB and Analoug lines, however I am working on getting connected with an E1 will advise you accordingly.Thanks once more.

    #23919 Reply
    Irfan Hussain

    Dear Concern.

    SITE-A I am using Quintum A800 and SITE-B i am using Asterisk Server but i m unable to communicate both Quintum and Asterisk, Although my Asterisk server working properly in local extensions, Can anyone Help me to configure Quintum with Asterisk


    #23920 Reply

    We are using an Quintum A800 and selling calling cards. We’re facing following problem-

    After call connection & talking call disconnected within 30/35 seconds. (We facing this problem every destination & every call)

    Please, I hope someone could help me out of this.

    #23921 Reply

    i am new with a800 pls any one help me to configrate a800
    i am waiting yours help
    and pls. reply as soon as possible and more thanks advance to yours

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