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GSM basics

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    Hi everybody,
    can anybody tell me what is BCF and LAPD in NOKIA ultrasite BTS.
    And what is their function.

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    Hi Gurujinder,
    In nokia terms BCF is Base control function. It is logical identification number of a any cell site as BSC sees it software point of view. When you want to creat new site in BSC database or modify the site parameters in BSC database these modifications are done with ref to BCF number of that cell site.

    LAPD is Link access protocol on D channel. It is a GSM layer 2 protocol defined to fascilate signaling between BSC and TRX in the BTS.When you define a signaling for perticular TRX in BTS via mapping it is nothing but LAPD for that TRX.

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    Hi Soumendra,

    As PIX said both Half and Full rate are better.
    Basically Full rate means more bits uesed to represent voice and good clearity typically 13 kbps and half rate means number of bits used to represent voice is halfed using diff compression techniques and it is 5.6 kbps normally. If full rate is configured on TRX one GSM slop will carry one voice call but if half rate is configured same slot can carry 2 voice calls. So decision to use half rate or full rate is decided on trafiic requirement, no of calls taken by that TRX, Voice quality needed.

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    Hello Swanand,

    For me, his question is just a spam… no need to reply “seriously” to that 🙂 (just my opinion, no offence)

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    rakesh solanki

    how the multiplexing is done betn bsc & tc ,also betn Tc & msc?

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    can anyone give me the meaning and definition of the following terminology in congestion control of mobile system ( trx tu tx tdma,tch sddch and so on …..)

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    Hi PIX,
    I understand what u said. I have seen many peoples working in telecom for many years but do not know the meaning of such things. I guess this blogging could help them somewhat.

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    does anyone know how can i see bcch ftd (net monitor in symbian)

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    Nasir Ali Khan

    can u plz explain that what r the basic funcation of Status cards(BB2F) in nokia BTS.

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    how can we put the power in TRX is it from directly from Laptop to BTS(at the time of comm ) or Power from the BSC. Give me answer as soon as possible .

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    Hi Nasir,

    BB2F card in nokia BTS solutions has main function of handling baseband signal processing in BTS(hence BB in the name which stands for base band). One card controls 2 TRX’s.
    Each BB2F card has two identical circuits inside with DSP and other processors to handle functionality of each TRX such as controlling TRX oscillators according to defined frequencies and hopping parametes and other RF parameters, processing baseband signal and align it to and from E1 or T1 interface and baseband error correction.

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    hi sawanand.
    how r u. actually i would like to learn the basics of telecommunications. can you help me in this metter?

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    Hi Rafil,

    Can u elaborate on what topics you are interested to know about?

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    My question is about antenna used in GSM BTS. Why cross polarization technique is used?

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    cross polarization is a technique to provide reception diversity.
    the other technique is called “space diversity”.

    i think you can find good explanations on wikipedia.

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