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Common BCCH feature

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    Has anybody activated Common BCCH Control feature on BSC Nokia DX200. What changes in statistics appeared. How is trafic calculated:per SEG, per BTS or both?

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    Hi Vladimir, which traffic you metion about? Broadcast traffic or voice?
    And what statistic you are talking about? What method do u use to collect statistic?

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    Nokia will give you most of the counters for BTSs. But you can sum them for a segment.


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    Hi Vladimir,

    Common BCCH is not activated/Deactivated in the BSC. It will be available in the BSC if the licensed were bought by the operator. Common BCCH control is activated on the cell by creating/configuring TRXs of different bands as separate BTS objects in a cell, adding another object in the network which is the segment. As for statistics, this can be taken on segment or bts level.


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    Hello everyone,
    can anyone explain me a calculation that conects the number of TRUs with number of RBLTs? Here, in forum as I was searching for the explanation for RBLT abrevviation I found a note that normaly 6 TRU’s regards 14 RBLT’s so now I do ask are there two annotations, both RBLT but with totaly different meaning? In my network as I understood RBLT is “something” that carries the traffic of one or more BSs (depending on the site configuration)in the BSC, which remainds me:
    Is RBLT physical or logical terminal, that is Is it a standalone device or what? Thanks in advance to a solver of my question

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    RBLT is 2.048 Mbit/s link between the Base Station Controller(BSC)
    and Base Transceiver Station(BTS). It has 32 Time Slots(RBLT devices)
    with 64 kbit/s (32*64kbit/s=2.048Mbit/s).
    There aren’t two annotations, simply RBLT Time Slots(RBLT devices) are probably mixed with RBLT itself.
    You have 32 RBLT Time slots in one RBLT, and you use 14 for cell with 6 TRUs. The rest you can use for some other cell.

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    Hi ,

    Do you know how the segment will appear in the network tree in CE editor in Nokia NetAct.
    now it is like BSC->BCF->BTS

    Thank you in advance

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    Hi everyone
    Does anybody knows when we activate CommonBCCH in Nokia,we use one BCF for two BTS(900 & 1800)? And also how we can have the omu for 2 bts?

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    Please the common bcch
    I appreciate if you give a description

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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